Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fast Friends

It has been a long time since my last post. Much has happened. I have decided to rename the blog and blog about some of the silly and funny experiences we have had with our greyhounds.

Sadly, Abby, our first greyhound passed away 12/29/2009 at the age of 12, almost 13.  She fought a brave battle with Lymphoma and after 18 months of the battle it took her from us. We have many happy memories of Abby.

Before we lost her we had fostered a greyhound named Colton, a big black handsome hound. He was almost 9. He was like a gawky teenager. His legs were so long it was like he didn't quite know what to do with them. We adopted him after falling in love with him and he became a member of our family. Again, sadly we lost him. On 3/14/2011 he had surgery on his eye and passed away after the surgery, another hole in our hearts.  He was such a goofy guy and I still miss him.

Lady came to us as a foster while Colton was with us. She was 8 when we got her. She became a permanent part of our family very quickly as we adopted her about a week after she came to us. She is a gentle sole.  Very loving and quiet. She loves to cuddle on the floor or on the couch with anyone who sits down with her. She is a great meet and greet dog. She and Colton were great buddies.  Soon after Colton passed away our daughter and her husband moved in with us along with their dog and 3 cats. Since we now had a very full house we did not adopt or foster any greyhounds for the 1 1/2  years they were with us.

My daughter and her husband moved into their own home December 2012 and on January  3, 2012 we brought home a new foster, Newbie. She had been with another family that could not keep her. She is almost 6. After a week we decided she would become a permanent member of our home and we adopted her. After 2 weeks of trying out new names she now has the new name of "Tessa". Tessa is a happy, energetic and very joyful greyhound.  She and Lady are becoming fast friends. (Sorry about the pun, did not think of it until after I wrote it!)




Lady and Colton
 Kitten with Abby's ashes. 

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

We have had a very relaxing Easter Sunday. Yesterday we had roofers here all day banging and nailing and saws going and throwing stuff off the roof. They didn't leave until about 8:30 last night. The dogs hated all the noise and at one point I found them both in the basement trying to find a quiet place. It is so quiet and peaceful today. The picture with the bonnet is Heidi, our foster dog. She is all ready for spring.

The video was taken Friday afternoon when Katie and Bri came over. Katie has learned to stand up and walker with her walker toy she has at home but she wouldn't do it with the one she has at our house. She insisted on "knee walking". It was very cute to see her stop and wiggle to the music that the little car plays.

Today Gytis and I went out for a late breakfast. After breakfast we went to Home Depot and then we took the dogs to the Silver Comet Trail and went for a nice walk. It was a little chilly out to start with but we were plenty warm when we finished. We are going to meet Bri, Sam and Katie at a restaurant for dinner since none of us feel like cooking!